Dofollow Blogs and Spam Comments – What’s the way out?

Building a community with a blog is one of the things that every blogger will always want to achieve. To do this most times a blogger encourages his/her readers to post comments.

This could be done through different means. One of this is the use of plugins like commentluv, top commentators and dofollow plugin which opens a little window in the blogs configuration to allow links to be dofollow.

Unfortunately many bloggers and webmasters have found ways to abuse this good gesture. Spam comments has become a common occurence especially on blogs with dofollow attributes. If you have a dofollow blog or you have commentluv enabled on your blog you definitely must have battled with spam comments at one time or the other.

Hear what one of our readers said in a comment:

“Howdy, i read your blog occasionally and i own a similar one and i was just wondering if you get lots of spam comments? If so how do you avoid it, any plugin or anything you are able to advise? I get so much recently it is driving me mad so any assistance is really much appreciated.”

This is really is one of the problems I’ve been battling with on this blog. Now and then I have spam comments that makes me wonder what these people gain wasting an opportunity to connect with others. Why not use the time spent on writing the spam comment in crafting something about the post and then have the opportunity of legally linking back to their site?

Blog Commenting Could Be Better!

Basically blog comments could be classified into 3 different categories. This I have come to refer to as the good, the bad and the ugly!

1. Blog Comments – The ugly

These are the estreemly bad comments (if we can call them that) that add nothing to the conversation. You may have seen these type whether you have dofollow on your blog or not. For example take a look at this graphic:

What do you think anyone will achieve with this? But I’ve seen such many a time. It’s really disqusting.

2. Blog Comments – The Bad!

Ok, these ones may not be like the ones above. Of course they do not add any good to the conversation. The intention of the spam commenter is to pull in a quick link to his/her blog/site. The common type in this category is the ones where the comment simply says: “Good post, thanks!” Most times what the commenter is trying to do is pull in a quick link even without reading the post with the mind that the blogger will accept that as a compliment and approve the comment.

Others in this group will not even say anything about the blog post rather they simply write about their product with a link to their site. To me this is trying to reap where you’ve not sown. 🙂 I simply send such to the cyber trash of nothingness!

3. Blog Comment – The Good!

This is what every blogger look forward to. The commenter not only shows he/she has read the blog post but also shows that they are interested in the topic being discussed. This one knows the importance and purpose of blog commenting. And to show I appreciate these ones I always follow their comments to their sites and reciprocate the good gesture. We definitely want to encourage these type of comments.

So is there anything we can really do about spam comments?

I’ve tried various means to minimize spam comments on this blog. But I must say it has not been funny at all. For example by the last count Akismet has caught 2697 spam comments:

If you receive a lot of comments on your blog you’ll know that dealing with spam comments can take much of your time. Time you should be using on other more productive activities.

So like our dear friend asked in the comment quoted above, how can we really stop spam comment?


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  2. I really liked your article. I’ve always used DoFollow on my sites, it’s yet another great way you can reward those within your community. A few of my sites get a lot of spam, but they never made it live. First, comments are automatically moderated on my sites, and I use a few Spam Plugins too. I use a different Do Follow but will check this one out.

  3. This could be done through different means. One of this is the use of plugins like commentluv, top commentators and dofollow plugin which opens a little window in the blogs configuration to allow links to be dofollow

  4. comment spam is really a very big problem for the bloggers in keeping their blog genuine and authenticity. it wastes huge amount of time reading comments at the back hand for approving which leads to loss in man hours and revenue also. people should respect other bloggers so that hard work done by the people donot go waste. A good awareness article

    • @Study Table,

      A time waster indeed! And talking about respect, I truly don’t understand why many bloggers don’t think of this or do you think they don’t really know what they are missing?

  5. Very nice blog…..I like it…. I’ll bookmark this page…. Thank you for sharing this with us….

  6. I hate spammers! Dofollow blogs is good but spammers always come into it and leave a comments irrelevant to the topic.

    • @carpet cleaning tampa,

      It’s really a simply thing to do. Simply go to the wordpress plugin directory and do a search with the keyword, dofollow or something similar. You can also search on Using a plugin is the easiest way to go dofollow!

  7. I must say that I do not have a do follow blog as its a WordPress and I need to ad the plugin but, I still get a ton of ugly as you call it comments for sure.

    • @Carpet cleaning Tampa,

      If you are not a dofollow blog and you are already getting the spam comments in a disturbing then be ready for a deluge if you install that plugin! 🙂

      But seriously, think of what you want first before you make your blog dofollow.

    • @Yohance,

      To me the benefit is the joy of knowing that I’m giving back something to my blog readers. I actually go for a dofollow blog when I thought of a way to reward the blog readers. Unfortunately, it’s really giving me headaches because of these spammers.

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