Commentluv – An Innovative Way Of Saying Thank You!

One lesson many of us were taught early in life is the socially acceptable courtesy of saying “Thank you” when you receive a favor from someone. Saying “Thank you,” as a way of appreciation does not only help the benefactor as a moral boost to do more but also falls back on the one saying it as it clears the way for more favor in the future!

From all indication understands this very well. Their plugin commentluv is simply putting this in an innovative way for bloggers to say thank you to their blog readers and commenters!

As tag-line rightly says: REWARD YOUR READERS! And what a better way to say “Thank you” than to reward them with a simple link? For the fact that many blogs come by default with “no-follow” attributes, openning a little gap and saying thank you with a link-back is a great thing indeed. At least for me!

But why reward your readers? Why say thank you to your blog readers for posting comments to your blog?

Before we answer that

What Is This Commentluv Plugin All About?

CommentLuv allows commenters to automatically link to their latest article whenever they post comments on a commentluv enabled blog. The person commenting has nothing to do with adding the link as the plugin automatically visits the comment author’s site while they are typing their comment. Once your blog or site URL is correctly entered in the URL field, the plugin visits your site while you’re typing your comment and retrieve the feed of your last blog post, display your last post at the bottom of your comment and add a link pointing to your post.

Bloggers who have commentluv enabled in their blogs and have registered their blogs also have an added advantage as they are able to have a selection of their ten last blog posts to choose from when they comment on any commentluv enabled blog. This is indeed an incentive to register your comment enabled blog if you’ve not done so. Follow this link and read my post on how to do this.

Why Do You Need To Reward Your Commenters?

Frankly after considering this I’ve come to the conclusion that the reasons are two-way. Both the blog rewarding and the blog being rewarded stand to gain from this good gesture. Just like the act of saying thank you. For example commentluv is enabled on this blog. And as I revealed in my guest post (you can read it here) about what commentluv has done for this blog, the plugin can actually help your blog.

Here are a few things you stand to gain:

Credit: Yuri Arcurs Website

1. Increase traffic to your blog – Many bloggers are looking for commentluv enabled blogs to comment on. When you enable the plugin your traffic will definitely increase.

2. Help you in building relationships with other bloggers – Blogging is actually about building communities and commentluv can help you in this area. Getting more bloggers to your blog and interacting with them consistently can build a bond that could be beneficial in the long run.

3. Keep up the tempo of activity on your blog – Blogs that are devoid of comments gives the impression of not being read. You can simply change this by installing commentluv. As stated above many bloggers have seen the advantage of commenting on commentluv enabled blogs and are ever ready to visit and comment on such blogs. So you can change your blog from a beautiful but stale piece of art work to an ever fresh people-loving center.

And for the blog commenter:

1. Get a link back thereby gaining some points with the search engines – Every online content publisher knows the importance of links. Commentluv offers a platform that helps commenters to easily acquire these links without much ado.

2. Promote your articles with ease – Publishing your posts and going out to comment on commentluv enabled blogs has been proven to be one of the easy ways of promoting your blog. Your post showing on your comments is an open invitation to other commenters to visit and read your blog.

Indeed the advantages of enabling commentluv on your blog and rewarding your readers are not in any way restricted to the above. Different bloggers have found different ways of profiting with the plugin. You can read my own story here. I must say it’s indeed an innovative addition to the blogoshere. If you’ve not enabled commentluv on your blog you better do.

Visit right now and download your free copy!


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