Internet Marketers and Mailing List, You can truly learn a Lot!

Some days ago I did a post where I talked about a free special report I’ve just read. The special report titled, “Talking Down a Suicidal Blogger” expertly presented a topic which many bloggers have overlooked when it comes to making money online – building a mailing list!

I must confess that right from the early days of my starting online I saw the need and importance of a mailing list. However, my turning to blogging a few years ago changed my perspective on the need for a mailing list. Like every other blogger I thought having a huge list of RSS feed subscribers was enough. And I’ve been pursuing that for some time now.

But should you depend online on RSS subscriptions as a blogger?

It’s interesting to note that those we call probloggers are making us understand that it is not enough. Of course you may have your own thoughts about this. But think about it. What is the use of trying to beat your way through the internet jungle when there is a trail left by those who have gone ahead of you? Is it better to learn from the success of others or to use yourself as the guinea pig? Well it all depends on you!

For some time now I’ve been listening to some really successful probloggers and they all agree on the fact that building a mailing list is a must if you want to build an enduring and successful business on the net. For example, David Risley of, in one of his special report, “The Blogging Wealth Gap,” made a bold assertion that though bloggers are responsible for MUCH of the quality content on the Internet, yet most are rewarded with barely enough money to buy a much needed cup of coffee!

Maybe that may be too much of some hard saying but he provides some figures according to Technorati state of the bloggosphere 2008. In the report by the top 10 percent of bloggers who responded to the survey earned an average of $19,000 annually. Technorati went further to say that these high revenue bloggers are more sophisticated in terms of the tools that they use, their usage of readership events, and advertising platforms. Besides, that they invest far more resources (both time and money) in their blogs. You can visit to read more about the report.

But Where Do Internet Marketers Come In Here?

Ok, hear a bit more of what David Risley has to say in “The Blogging Weath Gap”:

“Internet marketers are a very different bunch. For them, it really is mostly about the money. They’ll go where the cash is.”

Now if your aim with your blog is to make money online then you need to listen and listen good. It doesn’t matter how you look at the so-called internet marketers, they truly knows what they want and how to go about it. Here are a few things about internet marketers which are quite different from bloggers:

1. Internet marketers go into a market to serve a demand unlike bloggers who go into blogging for the fun and then later seek ways to monetize their blogs!

2. Internet marketers knows how to market themselves. They are masters when it comes to this.

3. They are always ready to spend money knowing that it is an investment. This is unlike bloggers who love to give free content and therefore are always looking for freebies in return.

4. Internet marketers think and treat their online activities as a business. They know they are in this for the money and so run their online business with every seriousness.

Here’s a graphic from

Learning Anything From The Internet Marketers Already?

That’s if you are building a business online and not just blogging for the fun!

Personally I must say much of what I know about marketing online is gathered from being subscribed to different mailing lists of internet marketers. You may not count yourself as an internet marketer (I know that name has gathered some negetive conotations because of the activities of many of these internet marketers) but come to think of it, if you’re using the internet with the mind of making money on the net, then you’re truly an internet marketer. It doesn’t matter whether you want to admit it or not. Just changing your mindset can truly help you learn more from them.

Here are few ways you can learn from being subscribed to internet marketing mailing list:

1. Learn Their Selling Strategies: When you sign up for any internet marketer’s email list observe how he presells you. Take note of the how he offers small bits of information to build your interest and desire to learn more. Note also the way they gradually push their own or other people’s product at you and of course how they brand themselves or evoke trust from the readers.

2. Learn Their Newsletter Management Secrets: Do you want to build your own email list or run your own opt-in newsletter? Then sign up for several lists and learn how the ‘gurus‘ or experts do it. Build up your knowledge and you will be better equipped when you’re ready to start your own.

3. Seperate The Chaff From The Grain: You must know that not all email lists are junk. Many have useful information that you can apply for your own online business success. What you simply need to do is sift through the ones you’re subscribed to and extract the essence from the ideas offered. Creatively apply what you learn to your own situations and test them out to see the results. Don’t just believe their words blindly.

This is the exact thing I’ve been doing and I’ve found that there is so much you can learn from them. However, if you don’t want to give your email address to any of these internet marketers you can easily create a throwaway email using any of the free email providers like Subscribe to the different mailing list with this email. Check this email account from time to time. Unsubscribe from the lists that give you no value and then stick to the ones that are providing you with the value you desire.

Furthermore, if you must invest any money with any of these internet marketers do your due deligence. Ask others who have dealt with that internet marketer in the past and the results. From your dealings with them always have it in mind that you’re learning. Learn the good from and then put in your own twist to what you learn. You’ll definitely be the one to gain.

I’m sure you’d want to download “Talking Down a Suicidal Blogger” becuase I think it is a great report that will truly fire up your creative juices!

I will appreciate your comments on this post. Do you think bloggers who wants to make money online should simply ignore internet marketers and their strategies? Share your thoughts in the content area.


  1. Just like a call for volunteers and everyone in the room takes a step backwards, who is going to be the person who still calls themselves an “internet marketer”.

    • Hi molotilka, you’re free to quote my articles/posts anytime. Of course you know the unwritten rules? Ok, you just need to give credits! 🙂

  2. Great idea..watching how others do it and learn. I just dislike getting emails more than once/twice a week. I see gurus email daily, and that turns me off immediately. I’m going to just start deleting them or unsubscribe. I think the key is quality not quantity.

    • “I think the key is quality not quantity.” That simply is the key!

      I’ve realized this is what many internet marketers are getting wrong. Email marketing should be first and foremost a means of building relationships. Providing quality content will definitely do that. But it comes to sending 2 – 3 emails in a day in the name of building relationship, the essence is lost.

      Thanks for your comment.

    • slavkapetrova, thanks for your interest on our work here. I’m always open for link exchanges. But as you must know link building should be done with the right niche for better results. I’ve visited your site and must say you have a good blog with good content. However, at the moment considering the niche issue I may not be able to allow the link exchange. Again thanks for your interest.

  3. Let me start by saying how important Internet Marketing TV is to my business. As Steven indicated in his report, staring at the PC Monitor without a real clue about which way to go is not a good feeling even when you know that success is possible.

  4. While this is certainly something that is possible, it is not the norm. Most of us successful people, like me, work very hard. We don’t rely on others for our success. In five years of Internet marketing, I can count my JVs on one hand. I just don’t actively seek them out.

    • @Gregg Camp,

      Of course, I tried the plugin some time ago and it’s really good. However, I use another system now. Every time commenter is re-directed to a page where he/she is appreciated to posting a comment and then other things follow 🙂

      Besides, the threaded comments plugin I’m using sends an email whenever a comment is replied. And as you can see, I reply nearly every comment on this blog.

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