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A few months ago I heard of a blogging and writers community called visit my page on scribnia here but didn’t take too much interest at the time. However, when I entered for the Famousbloggers and Comluv blogging contest and discovered that was one of the sponsors I decided to take a look.

And what did I find? A truly amazing place that every writer or blogger should be! And so I wasted no time in creating my account and claiming my blog.

But What is Scribnia, Anyway?

Here’s what I picked from the site:

“Scribnia is the source for people’s opinions about bloggers, columnists, reporters, and other writers whose work is available online. We hope it can be a place for truly great writers to be discovered. We rank writers not on traffic or incoming links, but on the feedback and opinions of readers like you.”

In a nutshell, scribnia is a web community that offer users the opportunity to rate and discover bloggers, columnists, and other online authors. If you’re someone looking for some good writers, scribnia may just be the place to get what you’re looking for.

I also believe the community may just be the right place for a new writer to promote himself online. Considering the fact that most writers do not know much about seo and therefore may not be able to really optimize their sites for the search engines, having an account on scribnia and allowing users of the site to rate you will create an opportunity for those looking for writers and authors to notice you.

Scribnia is generally divided into publications and authors. Authors are simply content creators from all walks of life – technology, sports, pop culture, and more. The service is built in such a way that it analyzes each and every author based on the information submitted. Writers receive “Context ratings.” These are metrics which focuses on each author’s subject matter. Users can then “filter” for authors that meet these criteria.

Any blogger can claim a profile by adding a code snippet to their website. Once claimed, the author can use his or her profile to interact with interested readers. Like I mentioned I’ve claimed this blog on scribnia. You can visit my page on scribnia here or use the scribnia widget on the sidebar to post your ratings of this blog on scribnia. And I’ll truly love it if you do!

The publications section gives a profile of blogs and websites based on their focus, biases, and more. It’s quick and easy to figure out if a publication is suited to your tastes by comparing several on a sliding scale.

All in all I think the backbone of the site is the users. These are the people who provides the reviews. And the regular user has a lot of things s/he can do on Scribnia. As a user you can follow other users, add reviews, choose a favorite author, and much more.

Of course, there is also so rewards system that I cannot talk about right now. I’ll need to have a good understanding of that before doing anything on it. But for now why don’t you check out the scribnia site right now?

So, what do you know about scribnia? Are you already using the site? Whatever your take on scribnia feel free to share with us.


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