How CommentLuv Turned Around Our Story!


When I made a post a few days ago about the ongoing and blog contest, I did mention that I was participating in the contest. The contest officially stopped accepting new entries a few hours ago. But I’m glad to report that my entry for the contest was published just a day before the close of entries.

You can read the full article by visiting: “How to Triple Your Blog Traffic, Comments and RSS Signup Using CommentLuv!”

In the post I decided to tell the story of this blog as it relates to what commentluv has done for us here. It’s something you should really know as it could help you generate some creative ideas to help you achieve something greater. So ensure you read it right away!

A Plea For Your Help!

FamousBloggers ComLuv cash contestI’ve a special plea to you all.

I’m looking forward to winning one of the prizes. And to do this I need you to help me promote my featured post for the contest. Here are few things you can do once you’ve read the post:

1. Post your comment on the post

2. Tweet the post to your twitter followers. There is a retweet button on the page you can use.

3. Tweet the post to your followers, individually. Why not tweet it to five of your followers individually? To do this use @TWITTERUSERNAME and then a word about the post with the link. (Note TWITTERUSERNAME is your followers twitter id).

4. Help mention it on

5. And oh, if you’ll want to go some extra mile in helping me with this, you can make a post your blog with a link to the article. You may write anything that has to do with promoting a blog and mention some ideas as revealed in the post then link the post!

I know this is asking so much of you. But what are friends for? If you truly count me as a friend then do this for me! Any way you’re not obligated to do all this. But if you do I’ll truly be grateful. And who knows I may just pay back some day!

Looking forward to seeing you do this for me. Here’s the link again:

“How to Triple Your Blog Traffic, Comments and RSS Signup Using CommentLuv!”

Thanks in anticipation.


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