FamousBloggers and ComLuv Blogging Contest

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Once again I’m going for another blogging contest. This time it is being organized jointly by FamousBloggersnet and ComLuv.com. I believe this one is truly going to be a great one. If you imagine the number of bloggers using commentluv on the net right now then you know what this can be.

Remember that I came out as one of the winners in the last contest organized by FamousBloggers.net. I see more competition in this one not just because of the Prize involved but because of the reach of this one. I believe more bloggers may be involved.

Frankly this contest has been running for almost a month now and is scheduled to end on the 7th of July. I’ve just sent in my article never know yet if it will make it but I hope it does. Once it comes alive I will let you all know. I must say upfront that I will need you all to help me promote this article to increase my chances of winning in this contest. I’ll truly appreciate if you do!

Besides, if you’ve commentluv enabled on your blog you could also take part in this contest. Simply visit the contest official site for details on how to join the contest. From now till 7th is enough to put something together. I believe anyone can do it. what you could do is simply write an article detailing some personal experiences with commentluv. I believe that is not a difficult thing to do. So why don’t you check it out now before it is too late?

Here’s a list of the sponsors…

Contest Sponsors

This is the FamousBloggers ComLuv Contest Sponsors, feel free to check them out, also check the Online Contest page for more information. Special thank to Gail our Social Media Marketing Strategist for the great work.


The ComLuv Network

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 FamousBloggers and ComLuv Blogging Contest


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    Chadrack Reply:

    Ok Louboutin, thanks for the good words about the site design. On who designed the site, what you’re seeing is just a personal customization of a free wordpress theme. I’m not a web designer but I love customizing my blog themes myself. So what I do is look for themes that comes with customization rights and work on them to my hearts desire!

    Thanks for your care.

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    Oh great! You know you’re always entitled to your views :) Thanks for the visit and finding the time to post your comment, Debbra.

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    Oh thanks so much. I’m always flattered when some shows so much love!

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    I think I’ve some articles here on those subjects. why do you just do a search on the blog. Any way, if you will subscribe to this blog I’m sure you definitely get to have those subjects dealt with in the new future. Thanks for stopping by.

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    Chadrack Reply:

    Oh that truly is the purpose of blogs. They here for us to learn more about the things we want to know more about. Gled to know that you’ve learnt something here!

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