Time To Reward Our June Top Commentator!

Hello and welcome everyone. It’s yet another month and time to say thank you again to our top commentator for the previous month. I must say this past month has been an interesting one. Despite a few hiccups here and there, the major one which led us to closing our doors for about a week, we must agree that the month of June has been more active than other months.

Before unveiling our top commentator for this month I just want to point out that we have just stepped into the second half of the year 2010. Half of the year has rolled by. And it’s time to ask yourself, how close are you to achieving your goals for this year? Where are you today compared to yesterday? And do you have plans for the months ahead?

I believe so much in the idea of taking stock from time to time. That is why at every point in this journey I’m always evaluating and reviewing my strategies and methods. I hope you are doing the same. I truly desire all our friends here to succeed beyond their wildest imagination. And as an entrepreneur there is no better way of ensuring this than understanding the trends. Being able to read the trends and positioning yourself to take advantage of things will guarantee your success.

This is the reason why in a few posts in the last few days I’ve tried to draw your attention to some of the happenings in the world of blogging. In the first of these posts, I tried to point you to what WordPress will be in 10 years time. And then when wordpress 3.0 was released I again drew your attention to what will be happening very soon amongst internet marketers. Of course the buzz word 3.0 will be the “in-thing” very soon. However, I made it clear that web 3.0 is much more than a marketing ploy. You can read the possible effect of web 3.0 on search engine optimization as we know it today to understand what will be happening in the days ahead.

For us here at the Home Business Marketing Blog we are also doing everything possible to position ourselves for better days ahead. We are not leaving our dear friends and readers behind. That is why we have also added another powerful addition to our top commentators reward package. We are now ready to reward you with a 125 x 125 banner ad for a whole month. You can read about the package here.

Our Top Commentator For The Month Of June

And so we are glad to announce that our top commentator for the past month is Internet Marketing Gurus. We congratulate Internet Marketing Gurus once again and say thanks to every other reader. We must say you all have been wonderful. We hope with our new reward package you also will have the opportunity to benefit.

Visit Internet Marketing Gurus’ website, http://www.theimalliance.com, today for some wonderful internet marketing tools and make money online reviews. I must confess that I’ve been able to have some insight about some products just reading some of the reviews there. So if you’re thinking of purchasing any product why don’t you visit first and see if there is a review there. You may just save yourself some pains!

Wishing you a fruitful month this July!



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