We’re Back for GOOD, under a new Roof!

Yes, after almost a week of the home business marketing blog closing the doors to its esteemed readers and friends, the blog has successfully returned for good!

First I must apologize to you, our dear friend, for shutting you out without prior information. We’re sorry that we couldn’t let you know before we went off. We must say that it was not planned for. Things just went wild here and we had no choice but to take the drastic step of shutting things down and doing some major revamping!

Here’s a Bit of What Happened

A few weeks ago I noticed that the blog feed was not working. I first noticed this when I tried commenting on a wordpress blog with commentluv enabled. While posting the comment the plugin returned no feed.

This gave me some concern not knowing what was going on. I tried a few days later after trying a few things but the result was the same. Then about two weeks ago Christian Louboutin in a comment said:

Hi I attempted to sign up to your RSS and the link seems to be broken. How can i get around this?

As soon as I saw that I knew there was indeed a big problem some where. And so I went out searching for a solution. But try as I can there was no way for me to take care of the problem.

After searching on Google.com for a possible solution and recieved no concrete tip on working around the problem, I went to http://validator.w3.org/feed/ and was alarmed with the problem I was facing.

After this I tried to do some few things to resolve the various problems noticed. It was in the course of doing this that the whole roof crashed on my head! 🙂


I had no option but to close the doors quickly in order to clean up the mess! Besides, seeing that things had gotten to that stage I also decided to do some other things which I had wanted done for some time now. That is, moving to another host.

So right now www.themarketingmouse.com has moved to a new home. We are looking forward to a better time ahead. Of course there are a few things we’re still working on but we know it will be okay.

We lost a few things but we’re not worried by any way. We’re looking to the future with hope. And for you our dear esteemed friends and readers we truly have some good plans for you.

Once again we apologize for the unannounced break. Please us.

If you come across anything unusual please do not hesitate to inform us through your comments.

It has been a week of hectic activities trying to bring things back to normal. But now that we are back we hope to reward you more and more. In my next post I hope to set out some few things that we’ll be doing here to reward more for your being there for us.

Christian Louboutin, thanks for bringing the issue of the blog feed to our notice. Right now the feed is working okay. Do add us to your feed reader!


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