WordPress 3.0 is here with a Bang!

After several months of work a team of 218 contributors have made wordpress 3.0 a reality. WordPress 3.0 ?Thelonious? has just been released so it’s time once more for you to upgrade your wordpress blog.

For some time now I’ve been monitoring the happenings about this new release. When I heard the team was working on version 3.0 I knew a new chapter was about opening for bloggers. I must say I’m not disappointed!

Though there’s not much I can say about this new release for now because I’ve just upgraded this blog some few hours ago but from the wordpress official blog site I understand that with wordpress 3.0 you can now create multiple blogs on just one installation. This is because MU and WordPress has been merged to create a new multi-site functionality. This was only possible in MU but now available to all wordpress users.

There are of course other additions. For example, a sexy new default theme called Twenty Ten has replaced the old one. This is indeed a welcome development as it has been long overdue. I believe the new default is something many new bloggers will truly love. Here’s a preview of the new default theme:

I must say I expected nothing less from the wordpress team and knowing these guys I know this is just the begining.

One more thing we should note also is the fact that the web is moving forward. WordPress has blazed the trail very soon we’ll talking about web 3.0. Of course the idea of web 3.0 was muted some two years ago as an advancement on web 2.0. Of course most of the ideas and concepts of Web 3.0 are already being experienced even web 2.0 but with this development stepping over to web 3.0 will be much of a formality.

Indeed web 3.0 is here.

For a better understanding of what is contained in the new released wordpress 3.0 ?Thelonious? watch this video:

So have you upgraded to wordpress 3.0? Let’s know what you think about this release.


    • Chadrack

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