Set Up Your Blog To Auto-Submit Your Content To Social Sites!

A few days ago I wrote a post on “How To Easily Auto Tweet Your Blogs Using“. It’s really interesting to know that many of you found that post a great read!

Today I want to show you another simple but powerful tool that will help you promote your blog with ease. Imagine a situation where every of your post is automatically sent to 36+ social bookmarking sites. Best part is, everything is done without any extra effort from you!

I’m sure you are quite aware of the increasing popularity of Social bookmarking sites right now. Sites like,, Blinklist,, FriendFeed,, Newsvine, Reddit, Stumbleupon,, Tumblr etc.

It’s already a confirmed fact that even the search engines now use the popularity of your website on these social bookmarking sites in awarding search rank to your blog . The argument is that when more people bookmark your website or blog, they are giving an endursement to your site. From this you’ll understand the importance of putting your blog on the social bookmarking sites.

Also, the social bookmarking sites have become good sources of linkbacks that will favour your site on the search engines. This is the reason why bloggers encourage their readers to bookmark their content using various tools and plugins.

The system I want to reveal in this post will not only allow you to ask your blog readers to bookmark your blog content but you’ll also be able to send your content to the social bookmarking sites every time you publish a post.

OnlyWire Auto Submission Plugin

No doubt as a blogger or online content publsiher you may have used the OnlyWire site to bookmark your content before now. To use the site you only need to go to signup for a free account, join and set up the social bookmarking sites you want onlywire to send your content, click a button and your content will be sent to all the sites you’ve specified. This system demanded you going to every time you want to bookmark your site or content. If you’re like me this is not only time consuming but chances are you may forget to visit onlywire to use the system because of the pains involved.

Now I’ve just discovered that have come up with a new system that will allow you to submit your blog articles right from your site once you publish your post. You need not visit the onlywire site before you can bookmark your content. What you need is a plugin (if you’re not using wordpress there is also a setup for blogs).

So let’s walk you through setting up your blog to auto submit your content to the social bookmarking sites.

Setting Up Your OnlyWire Bookmarking System

1. Create your account with

Of course to use their system you’re expected to have an account with So if you don’t have an account with them yet simply visit and signup.

2. Login to your account and set up your services

After signup you’ll be expected to confirm your email after wish you can login. Once logged in click on “Start” from the menu and you’ll be presented with the various steps you need to setup the system.

2.1. Download and install the OnlyWire Submitter

You need this tool installed on your computer for the system to work. The way the system works is that whenever you submit content to OnlyWire, the information is prepared by the OnlyWire system then routed through your computer and out to the target services (i.e. social networks). For this to work, you need to install the OnlyWire Submitter on your computer or a server on your network. So simply choose the submitter that suits you, download and install it.

2.2. Set up social networking services for your account

Presently onlywire supports 36 different social bookmarking/networking sites and you are expected to have an account with anyone you want to use. I must say this will take you some time. But the good thing is that you only need to do this once. Besides, you don’t need to join all the sites at once. You may decide to join a few for now and then come back some time later and update your entries.

Remember to save your work by clicking Save My Logins at the bottom of the page.

2.3.Submit your content to

When you’ve setup the two above you are ready to go however you need to setup your blog to submit your content. To do this you can download the autosubmission plugin if you’re using a wordpress blog. If you’re not on a wordpress blog there are tools you can use. Just check the tools available and choose the one that’s okay with you.

What I’ll be talking about, from the point on, is focused on a wordpress blog. Please pardon me non wordpress users!

Let’s proceed…

Download the wordpress plugin from here. Upload and activate the plugin. Go to the plugin’s settings page and enter your OnlyWire username and password. Save your settings and … you’re through! That’s it.

If you load any of your blog post you’ll see the onlywire submission button at the end of your post. This gives your blog readers the options to submit your post to the various social bookmarking/networking sites.

But beyond that from this point on every of your articles will be automatically submitted to onlywire and routed through the submitter installed on your computer to all the social sites you’ve joined. This is done immediately you publish your post.

Well, don’t know what you think of this but for me I truly think this is powerful. Your blog readers may not take the pains of submitting your content, though the button is sitting there below your content. But why not do it at least once? And with this you can do it without any trouble at all!

So what do you think? Let’s get your views.


  1. Hi set blog auto bookmark articles is not easy all is depend on software all is very necessary thanks for great sharing i love very much this post.

  2. This is very useful information, thanks Lee for sharing it. I know of a few where I was able to benefit by adding my Cape Town travel blog, but was unaware of most of these. Your information is truly of great help to the small business blogger.

  3. Nice post, if I did this I think I’d setup different accounts on each of these social networks other than the accounts I already use. I wouldn’t want to mix the two.

  4. This is super nice article. I appreciate your sharing about auto submitter. This is very helpful. Brilliant. Also Im a big fan of commentluv & keywordluv. Thanks again for sharing the luv to everyone!

    • @[email protected],

      Glad this was helpful. I believe one need to automate some of your operations as to free up some time for other things. However this need to be used with caution for more better results.

  5. What better way to cut down uploading and downloading time than with techniques which do the work for you. I can name about a hundred things I can do with that time I save not having to put up a link in every one of my social media accounts. Great time-saving tip.

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