Where would WordPress be in 10 years – Got any idea?

WordPress.com has become a household name among bloggers right now. Probloggers and not too popular bloggers alike all push the advantages of running your blog on the wordpress blogging platform.

Chances are you’re already using the wordpress blogging platform for your blog. But come to think of it. Have you ever wondered where wordpress would be in the next 10 years? Don’t you think it is worth knowing if the foundation on which you’re building your business right now will be there in the next ten years?

Frankly I believe if you’re building a sustainable business and not a fly in the night adventure then knowing what will become of the base of your business 10 years from now will be of interest to you. That is why when I came across this video by Scott Berkun a few days ago I did not hesitate to present it here. I do hope you like it!

So who is Scott Berkun?

Scott Berkun of http://www.scottberkun.com/ is a best-selling author and kick-ass speaker. He writes books and essays, lectures @ Fortune 500 companies & top universities on creativity, management and a fun mix of everything else.

In this video, Scott Berkun opens the general track of WordCamp San Francisco with a discussion on the evolution of WordPress, its effects on publishing on the Web, and his thoughts on how it will affect the future of writing and publishing.

Tune up your speakers and have some great time!

Do you agree with the ideas Scott talked about in this video?

Do you think WordPress will truly change the future of publishing? Can wordpress be liken to the traditional printing press? How about winepress?

Hey, let’s know what you think about this video in the comments below.


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  3. I found this setting on the dashboard, but this doesn’t match the two-sentence description that the search engine displays under my link. I just can’t figure out where this text is in WordPress.

  4. There is one problem though that I did search for on the net and I looked through these posts but have not found anything concerning the problem with posts right aligning instead of left align. How do I fix this?

    • Do you mean this site is right aligning or some other site. The possible solution is to look into your post template or the .css file. Some command may be pushing the post to right align.

  5. Having initially reviewed Kirby here on BP it was great to see Kirby go from 0.1 to 0.3.1 but it was an even more interesting development to see Twenty Ten evolve. You guys surely have outdone Kubrick when it comes to both bleeding edge and ease of code.

  6. It does look pretty clean. I’ve been using Kubrick for over two years, and rather than actively choosing a new theme I’m just going to wait for WordPress 3.0 to introduce Twenty Ten.

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