How To Easily Auto Tweet Your Blogs Using

The popularity of is increasing by the day. With this rise in popularity more and more tools and applications that make it easy to work with twitter are being introduced every day. One of these is the feedburner socialize tool. This new addition to the various tools offered by enables you to publish your blog posts to the social web.

I recently enabled this tool in my feedburner account and since then I’ve noticed an increase of traffic from Before now what I was using was a wordpress plugin that does exactly the same thing. However, I must confess that I barely see visits from twitter while using the plugin. Though I can not really say that my use of the feedburner socialize tool is what is doing the trick right now but since I’m seeing results from the time of using it, I think I can recommend it.

In this post therefore I will simply walk you through activating this service in your feedburner account. Frankly it’s something you can do in a few minutes if you already have an account with So what I’ll be doing here is give you some screen shots to help make things easy and quick!

Step 1: Login To Your Feedburner Account

If you’re not yet using feedburner then visit and signup for your free account. Once you login choose the blog you want to auto tweet. That is, if you have multipe blog feeds burnt with feedburner.

Step 2: Open The Publicize Page

Click on the publicize tab to access the various options for making your feed public.

Step 3: Click on “Socialize”

From the left hand corner choose “socialize” and you’ll see some thing like this:

Step 4: Enter Your Tweet Configurations

Here’s where you decide how you want your tweets to appear on First you will need to enter your twitter ID. When you do this the system will try and check if that ID exist. When this is confirmed you can go ahead and complete the details as required.

You have the option of choosing the number of tweets the system can send per each update. You also have the option of deciding whether to post only the titles of your posts or both the titles and body content!

As you’re choosing your configuration a preview of your tweets will be shown below. This tells you how your tweets will appear on

Step 5: Save Your Settings

Once you’re done with your entries scroll down the page and save your settings. This will activate this service for your feedburner account. At this point the feedburner application will try accessing your twitter account and twitter will give you the option to allow this or deny the access. Of course you what the application to access the account so click on “allow” and you are done.

You’ve successfully set up feedburner to auto tweet your blog whenever you add a new post to your blog.

Okay that is it. I hope this is helpful. Let’s know if you’re using this service and if so how has it been useful to you?


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