And Home Business Marketing Blog again wears a new look!


Once again I’ve decided to change the theme of the Home Business Marketing Blog. Over the past few days I’ve been playing around with this theme. Though there are some few more things I’ll be doing with the theme I just want to put it up the way it is right now.

For some time now I’ve been thinking of doing a new design for this blog. After trying a few others I decided on this because it comes as a free software licensed under the GNU GPL 3.0 license. That is, it?s free to download, free to use anyway you like for your commercial or personal blog. You’re free to modify, alter, improve upon and even share.

That simply matched what I wanted and I’m looking forward to making some more customization in the days ahead.

Don’t think free themes are good enough? Oh that’s just fine but I think this is really great!

Anyway, I want to hear what you think of the home business marketing blog’s new look. Do you think this is as good as the previous one. If you prefer this one or the previous one just let me know.


  1. Ok here is what i think . i think there is not much difference accept there is more space for you to post now. So i guess i would be expecting more exciting info pact post from you !! Which will be great cause with the previous ones i had to scroll down and sometimes i lose sight where i was reading .
    So now is better but …..AHA there is always a but . OK here is where is becomes a little sensitive . whats up with the header? It clashes with the black background. And why does the word blog looks like beog.
    Can you share with me the story of where you got the inspiration to name your blog themarketingmouse ?
    The first time i was here i totally thought that this is a blog about Disneyland .
    But you got my attention . I think that is all that matters now .

  2. I know buddy, everything that you planned for your blog will definitely make it good and will definitely increase your daily visitors.
    Plz let me know when you will accomplish your implementations.

  3. Looking to start a blog. Need to use own domain. Need categories. Need to allow for more than one poster. Need customization features.Blogging platforms, which one do you recommend?Thanks a lot.

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